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          Bikes, Trikes & Ride Ons

          • Balance Bikes


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          • Weplay


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          Learning to ride is a great way for children to develop co-ordination, control and movement through active play. Encourage little tots that are learning how to walk to find stability and have a go at independent walking by gripping and moving with the aid of a push along push cart. Once they find their feet, let them have a go on rockers and scooters so they get used to gripping handle bars to encourage independent movement and develop motor skills. As they grow and gain confidence give them more freedom to scoot around on push cars, trikes and balance bikes.


          Toddlers will love our range of colourful ride on toys including rocking horses. Available in a variety of imaginative shapes and sizes, little ones won’t be able to resist having a go at riding. Choose from animal themes (zebra, giraffe, ladybird, rabbit to name a few) and emergency vehicle inspired toys (police and fire engine).


          When children are ready to learn how to ride a bike, things have changed. Gone are the days of adding stabilisers to bikes. Children grow too reliant on them and as soon as they are removed they have to learn how to ride all over again. Balance bikes are considered a much better option for teaching children how to gain confidence on two wheels and have become very popular training bicycles. At first sight they look like a normal push bike but look closer and you will see they don’t have pedals or a chain, so children can learn how to find their balance and steer using their feet to propel themselves forwards.  We offer a variety of different balance bikes that are suitable for very young children (18 months) up to age 10. They are sturdy, lightweight and manufactured to relevant safety standards.


          Try children that are hesitant about learning to ride a bike on a pedal push car. This gets them used to sitting astride and makes them feel very grown up as most feature a steering wheel, so they can imagine they are driving a racing car, steering a rocket through space or flying a plane. Get them accustomed to co-ordinating hands and feet as they both steer and pedal whilst still feeling safe as they are closer to the ground and the wobble factor is eliminated.


          All our bikes, trikes, rockers and ride-on toys are made to very high standards by reputable and award winning manufacturers including RABO, Winther, Viking and Weplay. They are durable enough to withstand heavy use by the most enthusiastic of budding cyclists and are easy to manoeuvre on a variety of hard and soft surfaces. Who knows, you might just have a future British cycling hero on your hands!


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